September 28, 2023
Serrano Peppers In Vinegar

Serrano Peppers In Vinegar

I decided to try preserving some peppers in straight vinegar. See the original recipe on The Bossy Kitchen.


  • Serrano peppers
  • White wine vinegar or cider apple vinegar (5% or more acidity)


  • Mason jars with lids


  • Sterilize your jars.
  • Pack the jars with peppers tightly so they do not float.
  • Add enough vinegar to cover the peppers.
  • Seal jars.


  • It is recommended to let the peppers sit for at least a month before using.
  • Other hot peppers can be preserved this way.
  • I imagine the vinegar will be infused with a nice flavor from the peppers. I will have to try this with a basaltic or white balsamic vinegar in the future and see if I can make a nice dressing with it.

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