April 13, 2024
A New Beginning

A New Beginning

So, after nearly two years of being down, I decided to revive my site.

I let it die because Verizon had decided to block port 80 and Blojsom was in need of an update and I just was not up to transferring my site and upgrading my software.

Recently, I decided to try my hand at developing Facebook applications. This meant I needed server space. I got a good deal on hosting through WebHostingWorld.Net and set up shop.

I found the Blojsom had died so I installed WordPress. I got it up and running in minutes. Transferring my old blog took a bit longer! Only a few minutes to transfer the text but, the pictures had to be done manually and I opted not to transfer the comments or trackbacks.

Not much to see here so far aside from some test applications I am linking through Facebook and my old blog entries.

Hopefully, I will get more content on here soon as I get some applications written.

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