April 17, 2024
SunRocket Internet Phone Service

SunRocket Internet Phone Service

A while back, I signed up for SunRocket Internet Phone Service. I am really happy with it but, it is not for the faint of heart!

If you have a cable modem, do not run any servers on your home computers and are sick of high phone bills, get this! And, if you do get it, please, use me as a referral!

I would not get this if I had DSL. The exception would be if you where savvy enough to have DSL without a dial tone.

If you run servers, you have to set everything just so or you will have huge problems like I did!

Figure out what your upload speed is and set it in your Dynamic Rate Limits under Rate Control in LAN settings. This will ensure that the “Gizmo” reserves 90kbs for your VoIP service.

Under DHCP, set a static address for your router.

Under Port Forwarding, set the IP of your router.

By doing this, you can put the “Gizmo” behind the cable modem and your router behind the “Gizmo” as SunRocket recommends.

You can set the Gizmo behind your router but, you need to have a router that can do traffic shaping otherwise, you will have sound quality problems with the phone.

Now that everything is set correctly, I have ditched my conventional telephone service and am paying a flat rate of $199 for an entire year of phone service!


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