September 30, 2023
More issues with Yahoo! RSS feeds…

More issues with Yahoo! RSS feeds…

I have been having problems with my RSS feeds displaying correctly on My Yahoo! I emailed Yahoo! about it and was told that modules cannot be moved between wide and narrow columns. The problem is that some of my feeds are being displayed in the wrong columns! While I continue to work with them on this, I have found a temporary workaround.

When Yahoo! says that you cannot move modules between columns, this is not entirely true. Many can be moved back and forth. Sometimes Yahoo! even provides hyperlinks to do so. Unfortunately, this is not always the case!

In order to force a module to move between columns, click on edit (I am using the San Diego (KGTV) feed as an example). Email the module to a friend, the friend being yourself! Once the email arrives, look for the module number in the link. It is the number following ‘.sid=’. This number can be used to move certain modules between narrow and wide columns when used in a url as follows.

To move the feed for KGTV to the narrow column

To move the feed for KGTV to the wide column

I have used this method to move my problem feed ( from the narrow column back to the wide column.

The problem remains that, when a new person subscribes to this feed via Yahoo!, the module will default to the narrow column with no way for the average user to move it where it belongs as it does not have a ‘View this feed as text in a narrow module.’ link.

Additionally, I have found that while my photoblog feed ( now defaults to the narrow column as desired, if I click on ‘View this feed as text in a wide module.’ there is no ‘View this feed as a gallery or slideshow in a narrow module.’ link to move it back.

UPDATE: Everything seems to be working at this time.

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