July 12, 2024
Wheat from Azure Standard

Wheat from Azure Standard

I like silver. It is shiny and not likely to lose value. On the other hand, one cannot eat silver.
I received my first shipment form Azure Standard the other day and finished packaging it all up for long term storage last night. I got 125 pounds of organic wheat berries for less than $100. This is less than I can get wheat berries from Augason Farms or Royal Lee Organics. It is far cheeper than I can get organic wheat flour from the grocery store. I figure around 150 pounds per adult for a year so I need to get more next month. I am planning on getting some rye this time.
Investing in metals, crypto, and ammunition is great. Don’t forget food and water! And don’t forget your pets while you are prepping.
If you want to check out Azure Standard, follow this link:
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