April 14, 2024
Hmmm. Maybe I should post something!

Hmmm. Maybe I should post something!

I am still alive, just really busy! I thought that by setting up a blog that I would be more likely to update my site…wrong!

Anyway, we have been busy with doctor’s appointments, school, girl scouts, Nora’s birds, her bird website, a new computer, a hard drive crash, the iPod died, inspection at work, birthday parties and sleepovers. Now, you are all caught up!

I need to set some email settings in blojsom and fix my photo exporter. Then, I can post about the transition to my new Intel based iMac, how I fix the iPod, add some photos and write some reviews for DirecTV, Earthlink and SunRocket VoIP.

Then, I can start programming, yeah!

Oh! I still have to setup a blog roll and teach everyone how to use it. I am thinking that at least Lauren will like it.

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