July 13, 2024
New Site Design

New Site Design

If you are reading this, you will have noticed that I am redesigning the site.

I have installed Apache Tomcat. Installed the mod_jk connector and integrated Tomcat into Apache. Installed Blojsom. Created a page for each family member. Installed the internal-aggregator plugin and modified the default page to act as a community page for all the hosted blogs as well as provide consolidated feeds. Preserved old site and wrote redirects allowing access to the old pages.

I still need to post the old pages as a blog entry so that they will be preserved and then I can remove/modify the redirects and delete the old files knowing that they are now accessable from the blog.

The nonexistant photo page still needs to be created. Photo blog created, need to populate!

The PHP contact page will not be preserved as it will be obsolete once I obvuscate the email addresses to limit spam.

I also will be implementing better logging for Apache, Tomcat and Blojsom.

I may install mrtg again for statistical purposes.

Custom themes will need to be developed as well.

In addition, I need to install a blogroll and/or links to each blog and get other family members to do the same in order to improve page ranking.

A site index needs to be added to index.html to enable cataloging by search sites.

Need to fix the calendar on the Community Blog!

Much to my dismay, I have never been able to convince Nora to learn HTML. Because of this, I also need to decide on a blog client. The client will need to be cross-platform and, ideally, free open source software so that everyone can post to the blog without having to learn how to use the admin interface. At the moment, I am trying out ecto. Not open source but there is a Windows and a Mac version.

What else does the site need? Any ideas?

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