July 13, 2024
Using Blojsom’s internal-aggregator plugin

Using Blojsom’s internal-aggregator plugin

This one hurt my head but it is really quit simple. In order to make my default blog a community page for all of the hosted blogs as well as provide an aggregated feed, all I had to do was waste several hours out of my life searching on Google, reading the documentation and scaning the Blojsom Users Mailing List Archives and then make the following modifications to the default templates.

A great big thanks to Todd Slater who, though he doesn’t know it, showed me how to set this up when I found this post and this post.

Enable the Internal Aggregator plugin and add ‘internal-aggregator’ to the ‘plugin chain map’ and the ‘html plugin chain map’


Change each instance of the following line in asual-entry.vm and asual-column.vm from


I also changed each instance of the following line in asual.vm, asual-column.vm, rdf.vm, rss2.vm, rss.vm, mobile-xhtml.vm, wml.vm, atom-1.0.vm, atom.vm and text.vm templates. I am not sure if I needed to change all of the files but, it has not hurt anything!

#foreach($entry in $BLOJSOM_ENTRIES)

Now, if I could get the calendar to recognize the aggregated posts, I would be very happy!

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