July 15, 2024


I have Just returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom. As soon as I have some time, I will get the web pages updated and have some pictures from the Middle East.

I have given up on T4C and am now playing Dragon Court and PernMangband. If you need an updated client, the sources are available from SourceForge and compile out of the box on FreeBSD 4.4 Stable. If you need a Win32 client, use the freely downloadable Borland C++Builder Compiler 5.5 using makefile.bcc included with the source.

Q: Who is this? Where is this? The back reads “Camp Niemetis” and the print is dated “Apr ’64”.

A: The answer is Uncle Lee at RTC San Diego. Further description by our subject follows…

“Camp Nimitz was on the northside of Recruit Training Center. In those days (pre Viet-Nam), when you first got to Boot Camp, they didn’t issue trainees a full sea-bag. They didn’t want to have to reissue any leather shoes (Boon Dockers and /or Low-quarters) twice, as people’s feet swelled-up from all the unaccustomed-to marching. Too, they wanted to separate by appearance the newer “Boots” — so “Newbies” were issued just dungarees, Tennis shoes and Blue cotton ball caps. It was a big deal then, for a new recruit to complete the first six week at the south end of NRTC and “MARCH OVER” the bridge across the San Diego Channel to “NorthSide”. There he would be issued the rest of His sea-bag, including the white hat (like real sailors), and Low Quarter Shoes, that you’ll note I’m so fetchingly modeling in this picture. The date on the back confirms the timing as I joined on 3 March 1964. Camp Nimitz is the old portion of the center with the yellow-painted and tile-roofed buildings that the public saw and associated with old navy bases”.

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